About Me

Hi, I’m Hila Chezy.


I love problems and challenges, especially those which force you to think differently.

I’m a UX Consultant leading great teams in creating innovative products and making sure our customers will enjoy using them.

With over than 10 years of work experience in the field of UX, my T-profile and expertise range from strategy, concept creation and optimizing products to innovative solutions and user base growth.


An enthusiastic UX Expert creating meaningful solutions to a design challenge, by understanding and empathizing with the users. I translate data and research insights into engaging interfaces which meet the business objectives and user goals.

I’m a self-taught UX practitioner, started as a UI Architect where I lay down all the foundation for my career, and developed myself to become a UX Expert ensuring companies are designing for their users, products they would need and love.


In the past years, I’ve helped and coached companies on how to implement UX processes into their product development workflow. I ensured that the design will become an integral phase in their solution creation. As a result, I built and scaled teams of designers to make all of this happen. While doing so, I mentored and led designers to understand the company’s goals and the user’s needs.


I advocate the UCD principles and Influence companies to understand the benefits of creating products with the users instead of for them only. 

In January 2019, I have started 2 new side projects:

  1. weekend getaway where I aim to inspire travelers to use their weekends differently. The focus is on personalizing the short breaks travel experience based on a traveler’s profile and interests.
  2. UX Travels The World – A community for people from the UX field to learn more about the industry with a focus on digital nomads and remote opportunities. At the same time, I bring UX samples from the travel industry.
I enjoy solving big problems by listening and understanding the objectives of a business and the goals of its users.

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