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Great. You are interested to know what I have done in the past years as a UX. At the moment all of my work is confidential, so if you want to have a preview of my work please leave me a message and I will get back to you.

UX | Leadership | Strategy | Mentoring | Lean UX | Fintech


Loan application process. Allowing customers to request the loan matching their financial profile.

UX | Coaching | Lean UX | Traveltech

Hotel Booking

Providing a pay as you stay accommodations.

UX | Leadership | Strategy | MVP | Design Sprints | Insuratech

Pension Insurance

Digitalization of the occupational pension application for the German market.

UX | Leadership | Strategy | Mentoring | Design Sprints | Fintech

Smava &

Providing car financing solutions during the purchase flow.

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