A/B Test – SEM landing page


We wanted to optimize the conversion rate for our SEM marketing channel with a new campaign. It is one of our main traffic channels and it was important to learn and understand better how we can improve the experience for our visitors.

One of our assumptions was that visitors would like to engage with the loan criteria before seeing the potential offers. Especially, when it is possible to play with them to reach the desired interest rate. Though, we didn’t want to allow visitors to interact too much with the criteria in order not to lose them too soon.

Conversion goal:
Increase the number of visitor turning to a Lead.. to Final Lead .. to Qualified Lead*.
This ensures us to measure the quantity (Leads) vs. quality (Qualified Leads)



  • Variation 1 – Interactive calculator on the landing page
  • Variation 2 – Each loan criteria question per screen


Target audience:
SEM channel – Landing page





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